Christian Christmas CD, Christmas Hymns. Deck The Halls, What Child Is This, Away In The Manger, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Joy To The World, Silent Night, Hark The Hearld Angels Sing, O Holy Night, We Three Kings, The First Noel, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, O Come All Ye Faithful

The Making of Saxophonist Greg Vail's -

Christmas the Hymns

People always seem interested in the music making process. The crazy part of this story was - how fast it all happened!

Rob Mullins and I recorded Christmas The Hymns in 8 days! I had CDs in my hand, mastered and manufactured 2 weeks later.

The real freak was that this Christmas Hymns CD was a first year pay off. The CD was paid for by Christmas Day! My first CD on my own record label was a huge success!!!

Thanks to all for making this CD a winner. Greg Vail Music is now on the scene and there are lots of CDs now available.

Christmas The Hymns has celebrated 9 years of National Airplay. It's funny because Christmas CDs have 9 months of down time that you can start to forget about the project. Then the site starts screaming again and the email starts up all over. The whole process is pretty surprising until it happens for a few years in a row and you realize you'd better expect some of the Holiday crazy's for years to come.

I thought the CD was done for any real promotion, and then Christmas 2003 hit. I was the featured artist for the Roehl News Network: an audio publication that is primarily distributed (free of charge) to our over-the-road truck drivers and their families Nationwide. Along with safety and industry related information, they present brief (telephone) interviews with celebrities from different genres of music along with segments or selections from their most current CDs. They gave an interview and featured Christmas The Hymns all thru December 2003. I thought that was pretty cool and did look up at those big 'ol trucks on the road with a new respect. They even had me do radio liners with safety messages for the drivers. It was an honor to bless these guys.

That was just one surprise this past Christmas. had been working on download MP3 sales for a while and the Greg Vail Catalog was at the top of the list for the new store; just in time for Christmas 2003. After months of news and delays at, the digital downloads went out to 6 digital distributors and in Christmas, 2003; Greg Vail Music was online and selling in every cool Digital Store Online. The Christmas CD saw a whole new life with many finding this charming CD for the very first time. A brand new set of emails and new fans have followed. That's cool.

Then; I had been talking online to this guy about the Christian Jazz in the US. He began working on a site that has really busted out this first quarter of 2004. CJA is Christian Jazz I was one of the first artist to work with David in the early hours of his new site. He started doing interviews and including MP3 Downloads by CJA Artists (along with many new ideas that developed as he grew with his new site) and Greg Vail's Christmas The Hymns was the featured CD for Christmas 2003 with a full interview and free MP3 Downloads available in the December 2003 Issue. It was a great interview, really cool seeing so many new folks discover this CD and a treat to see David's site go from a small site section, to a 20+ artist site with growing content and now streaming Radio too. SO COOL!!!

Then there are the Stores, Chains, Distributors and Radio Station calls and emails... whew... It was a VERY BUSY CHRISTMAS 2003.

CDs don't usually get better with time. They are seen more like Milk than a Red Wine. I am so blessed to see each year be a better year for even older CDs in my Catalog.

A huge Thanks to you-all for your continued support and telling your friends about this CD and site. THANKS!!

Roll forward to 2009 and we are moving and updating this whole site in preparation for another amazing Christmas Season!! The vary nature of a CLASSIC Christmas CD is - it just won't go away! I still get excited every Christmas when I book Christmas events that I can share this music and perform it for live audiences - and Christmas 2009 is no exception.

Have a totally blessed 2010 and we can see what happens this Christmas 2009 with a Classic Standard - Christmas the Hymns!

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The Hymns of Christmas

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